Why you should not miss out on investing in Epe

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An excerpt from Wikipedia shows that Epe, a major division in Lagos, Nigeria is now becoming the center of the economic hub. Epe city is known majorly for the exportation of fish and other farms’ produce.  Asides from that, several major developments are currently ongoing in the smart city of Epe, which is why investors must make a smart decision to invest here.

Epe is now popularly known as “The New Lagos” because of the new development that is being channeled to that area. In addition, the Epe town boasts the names of the most prominent people in Lagos state; Akinwunmi Ambode, Micheal Otedola, Femi Otedola, and Shafi Edu.


The following are valuable reasons why you should own a property in Epe. 

  1. Great Neighbourhood: Epe boasts of a great neighborhood that affects the returns on your investment. The Alaro city, a world-class infrastructure located in the north quadrant of the Lekki Free Trade zone covers 2000 hectares of land. It also boasts of over 45 companies expanding their business in this great location. With so many developments centered through this area, real estate investors and corporate bodies are moving their enterprise towards the location as lands in this location are relatively affordable. A good titled plot of land for sale in this vicinity goes for 850,000 naira and above. Alaro city goes for 12M and above.
  2. Higher Institutions: The colleges and universities’ presence in this location has given investors a clear idea of what they can use their property for. St Augustine University, The Pan Atlantic University, Micheal Otedola College of Education, and other Lagos campuses have their annex in  Epe.
  3. Good road networks: The six-lane highway project in Epe is developed by Craneburg. Design and construction of a road network of approximately 44km, which includes dual and single carriageways, sidewalks, drainage, traffic signage, and lighting. This road construction is valued at 192 million dollars. The road is to be commissioned in 2022
  4. To boast of the proposed international airport: The proposed Lekki international airport is designed for a capacity of five (5) million passengers annually. This project will be located on the east of Epe opposite Alaro city. This project is set to be located about 10Km distances from the Lekki Free Zone.
  5. High demand for rental properties: Recent statistics have shown that there is a prominent increase in the rate at which people rent homes. Owning a property in Epe will give you a high chance of benefitting from rental properties in the future. 

In Conclusion

Since Epe boasts of many projects and infrastructures, owning a property in Epe will yield a high return on investment in less than a few months.

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